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Welcome to my story.

I was born in Bilbao in 1992.

Since childhood I have felt the impulse to tell stories, communicate, get into the skin of others, make emotions vibrate and feel the connection between human beings. And when I saw Titanic I was clear. I wanted to do what Di Caprio and Winslet did. At that time I understood that being an actor was a trade, that there were people who were dedicated to it and I wanted to be one of them.


There it all began.

With 9 years I enrolled in a theater school, with 16 to another (with a view to a more professional training), I recorded a couple of important shorts, then I went to the United States to do senior year of high school where, of course, I participated in all the artistic activities that there were. On the way back, with 19 years I had my first job: 'Bi eta bat' in the Basque TV. When I finished recording the series I went to study to Madrid, and while I was training I was doing different works' Goenkale ',' Bienvenidos al Lolita ',' Por un Puñado de Besos', 'Rinconete y Cortadillo', 'Egun berri bat'… always combining theater and audiovisuals.

It is in 2015 where once finished the training I was studying in Madrid I go to Bilbao to do theater, a lot of theater. And I'm lucky not to have stopped since then. Teatro Español, Teatro Arriaga, Pabellón 6, Tanttaka, Glu Glu. In cinema I've worked with Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas in 'Competencia Oficial', the new film by Argentine directors Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn. I have returned to work with Mikel Rueda, I have filmed with Mariano Barroso 'La Línea Invisible', 'El Ministerio del Tiempo', 'Vamos Juan' with Borja Cobeaga, 'Tres Veces' produced by Elamedia Studios, 'Altsasu', 'Ane' by Amania Films, 'Versus', 'Eskamak Kentzen', 'Cuando Dejes de Quererme', 'Centro Médico'.

And I keep sowing and making my way.

I feel fortunate to live each of the projects I have in hand and share, know and learn from the wonder of colleagues in this profession.

See you in theaters and screens.


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